Every tuesdaynight at 9 pm GMT (or 10 Central European time) I am completely glued to the TV: BBC that is!

I absolutely love the new programm that is hosted and presented by former model Twiggy: Twiggy’s Frock Exchange. Ingredients: a bunch of women who bring one of their clothes for swapping, some customizers (ehm, a woman who customizes clothes…see video), some celebrities who donate one of their gorgeous high end items to one of the lucky girls on the show, and Twiggy!!!!

I would love to join in that swapping party, or another cool party that has so many cool outfits up for swap…


Back…hopefully more active.

25 October , 2008

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Happy graduate!!!!

16 July , 2008

Last post I was feeling a bit down.

Buuuuut, today I received a letter from the bachelor’s exam commission, who told me that I have gratuated!!!!!

(screams and waves hands) Weeeeeeeyhoooyoooo!

Amazing, yours truely is a happy gratuate. I gratuated the 14th of July, the independance day in France (quartorze Juillet), so I declare 14 Juli 2008 my own independance day.

Ok ok, it is not a master degree yet, but I am really happy to have finalized this bachelor’s degree.

I can’t get no….

13 July , 2008

Satisfaction….. Sorry to quote one of my childhood sing-a-song band ‘The Rolling Stones’, but I have been feeling quite unhappy lately. I am unhappy with my relationship, with my house, with my body, with my (lack of) friends.

I do not want to become an old spinster, and I do care about my boyfriend…but domestic life is just too boring….I want to travel, I want to live, I just want to be me…

Smoking ban

6 July , 2008

The last couple of days was full of stories about people complaining about the non-smoking rules in public bars. (forbidden since the 1st of July)

Personally, I do not mind. I do not smoke, and do not go to bars (anymore). My boyfriend smokes, but does not go to bars (because he does not drink alcohol).

So, my opionion goes up in smoke!!!

Tour de…???

5 July , 2008

Last year I was completely fan of the Tour the France. I watched a lot of the cycling on TV (when it was aired) and loved the ups and downs of the cyclist…untill, the Rasmussen-thing.

So Contador won, and the Tour was over.

(Gosh, he has some big ears…)

Will I watch the Tour that intensively this year…nahh, I don’t think so. But still, I wonder if there will be new favourites and new talent this year….

Are you a sportsfan…if so, only soccer…or other sports as well?

Sometimes I come across a film that knows how to capture the spirit of summer. Most of the time, these films are not your standard Hollywood productions: for example, I really liked ‘La Piscine’.

‘My Summer of Love’ is one of these films, that captures British summer that is mixed with boredom, exitement, friendship, infatuation and difference.

First of all, it is not your standard summer love story, as the two protagonist are both young girls in their teens.  However, it is neither your standard lesbian/bisexual movie: the unlikely friendship between the girls of lower and upper classes just flows into a extention of sexual exploration.

My summer of love

I like how Mona portrays the roughness of the ‘lower-class’ environment. She is bold, sometimes a bit masculine, but very caring. Tamsin is the partly neglected upper-class ‘princess’, who loves to dive into a summer of escapism with Mona.

I will not give any spoilers, but it certainly captures the mood of a summer love…even if the protagonists are not your usual type of lovers….

I am supporting Spain, because their team is more sympathetic than the Germans (and my mum went to Spain when she was pregnant of me)…

Spains has always been the happy go lucky vacation country for me…so …go Espana


the last mile…

15 June , 2008

Summer holiday is near.

I have to work really hard this week, in order to enjoy my (deserved) holiday.


I have to write my highly intellectual dissertation paper this semester.

And in order to spoil my brainy mind, I watch some ubersuperficial TV.

I love this season of Holland Next Top Model: I think that the girls are really gorgeous and modeltastic. 

The four girls left remind me a lot of existing models:

Yvette—>Looks a lot like model of the moment Agyness Deyn




I love this girl’s sweet personality: Ananda—>Daria Werbowy




A real Gemma Ward with her aliennesque features: Patricia


Normally, Jennifer would look like Chanel Iman, but on this picture she reminds me of MIA.